In 2366, Admiral Aken Bosch, commander of the GTVA 6th Fleet, launched a violent military coup in the Polaris system. Within weeks, a regional domino effect also toppled the governments of Regulus and Sirius, all swearing allegiance to Bosch and his Neo-Terran Front. Bosch's vision of Neo-Terra informs the ideology of his movement. Though Terrans have lived in exile from Earth since the end of the Great War, Bosch imagined a utopia that would restore the grandeur of the lost world. As the people of Earth once relied on Polaris to help them navigate the seas, the North Star would become the spiritual and political compass for Terrans of the new era. Bosch's message had a profound impact on the so-called Lost Generation, born during the post-war Reconstruction. The Neo-Terran Front provided the youth of Polaris, Regulus, and Sirius with a cause to fight and die for. Bosch succeeded because his pro-Terran ideology was explicitly anti-Vasudan. The NTF opposed any Terran-Vasudan alliance and called for the dissolution of the GTVA. The NTF core systems had suffered political and economic chaos throughout the post-war Reconstruction. The Vasudans' miraculous recovery under Khonsu II's leadership embittered those Terrans still struggling to rebuild their own systems. Bosch exploited this anti-Vasudan sentiment to achieve his own political ends.

Projects and Campaigns

Hard Light Productions- Home to the world's greatest forum and hosts this campaign, among many others.

FreeSpace Universe Reference Project- AKA FSURP. Massive database of everything Freespace. Still under construction, but a good resource for FREDers.

BlackWater Operations- One of the most highly anticipated campaigns (yes, even more so than NTV, gasp).

Paradigm Shift- Another one of IceFire's projects, and possibly the greatest community project of them all.

Inferno- The most new mods in any Freespace campaign anywhere. There'll be missions and some kind of story, also.

Freespace Port- The Great War, ported to Freespace 2. GalacticEmperor's project.

The Deneb System- Home of System Madness 2, the just recently released campaign made by Joey 21. Fun. Yes.

Ascension of Beyond- The AoB campaign is being led by my fellow FREDer Virtu, and I'm (supposed to be) doing missions for him. It'll be fun `cause I'm working on it.

NTV Staff

Alikchi- Mission designer, table editor, webmaster.

Black Wolf- Mission designer, story consultant, interface artist, skinner (w00t)

Adwight- Mission designer.

GalacticEmperor- Webmaster and continuity consultant, all around cool guy.

Non-FreeSpace Links

Clan Smoke Jaguar Reborn- Galaxy Commander Aphrodisiac Moon reporting for duty.


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