In 2366, Admiral Aken Bosch, commander of the GTVA 6th Fleet, launched a violent military coup in the Polaris system. Within weeks, a regional domino effect also toppled the governments of Regulus and Sirius, all swearing allegiance to the end of the scrolling marquee.

Do you have questions about NTV? Of course you do! We're a shadowy secret organization that exists at the periphery of human consciousness, slowly but surely eating away at everything society holds dear. And, you're stupid.

Neo-Terra Victorious is a campaign for Freespace 2, using ships and weapons from GalacticEmperor's Port, along with several other new craft. It casts you as a pilot in the newly-formed NTF, under the command of Admiral Bosch.


A replacement for the SOC

A twisting plot that gives players a lot of choices

New weapons, along with most FS1 weapons

Several new ships

Fighting from the Neo-Terran Front's point of view

An encounter with Lieutenant Commander Snipes

But most of all, FUN MISSIONS! We're aiming for Warzone or Derelict quality (hopefully)!

New ships include:

NTF Gryphon 1 2 3: The GTF Perseus is stolen in its prototype phase, and transformed into a unique intercept fighter. (I know the links to the pictures don't work - we're not sure what model we'll use for this. Aldo's Stentor, the original Gryphon model that is kind of crappy, or the l33t Ragnarok. I'll figure it out when I need it.)

NTF Augeas 1 2: The NTF Augeas is the result of an attempt by Admiral Bosch to upgrade the aging Apollo. Eventually, the project evolved into an entirely new fighter, only using the basis of the Apollo's chassis.. (New model)

NTB Jotun 1: The heaviest bomber class in use by any faction, the Jotun shares many characteristics with the Ursa. Thick shields and thicker armor complemented by massive primary and weapon banks make a wing of Jotuns feared even by the newest destroyers. With escort, enemy interceptors won't last long enough to make a dent in the Jotun's armor. (New model)

NTD Jasonian: The NTD Jasonian is the result of an Orion destroyer augmented with Hecate parts and a stolen Vasudan reactor. (New model hopefully)

NTD Hades II: Bosch's plans to resurrect the Hades project finally come to fruition with Neo-Terra Victorious. (Edited model - more turrets)

FS1 Tech from GalacticEmperor's Port

GTB Athena: Over the years, Dynamic Metamer has released a series of upgrade "kits" for the old Athena, bringing it almost up to par with modern craft. While still a relatively light craft, the Athena can carry a bank of Fireball light bombs, making it deadly to cruisers and corvettes. FS1 tech -

GTF Apollo: Still used as a raining craft (and punishment craft). Thrown into combat only in the direst situations.

GTB Athena:
Over the years, Dynamic Metamer has released a series of upgrade "kits" for the old Athena, bringing it almost up to par with modern craft. While still a relatively light craft, the Athena can carry a bank of Fireball light bombs, making it deadly to cruisers and corvettes. It's currently used as a "Wild Weasel" craft, e.g. destroys AAA and flak turrets before heavy bombers arrive. Upgrade kits released by Dynamic Metamer during Reconstruction give this ship increased maneuverability, shielding, and payload capacity.

GVB Amun: Still an effective heavy bomber. With two Banshee turrets it's a pain to attack, also.

GVFr Bast: Still easy to kill. If you don't remember, it's the Vasudan Poseidon minus turrets.

Avenger: Still in use. If you examine the table stats it's surprisingly powerful in relation to FS2 weapons. Early in the weapon, it's the most numerous and popular NTF weapon.

Banshee: Also still in use by the NTF in the beginning. Even now quite powerful.

Shield Breaker: Relatively rare. You won't see this weapon much.

Disruptor, Adv. Disruptor: What, you though the NTF was going to use a Vasudan Akheton SDG?

ML-16: Purely in the game for fun. Only use it if you want to, we're not going to force you to..I think 

Interceptor: The only real difference between the Interceptor and the Harpoon is that the Interceptor is slightly bulkier and does less damage.

Fury: Fury's in there too. Not quite as effective as the Tempest but you make do with what you have.

MX-50: Still in there, although quite rare. You'll usually see a large quantity of these alongside about half as many Rockeyes in the Team Loadout screen.

Phoenix V: The Trebutchet hasn't even been invented yet - the GTVA forces will use these too.

Tsunami and Harbinger: Still far more of these in supply in the backwater worlds of Polaris, Sirius and Regulus than Cyclops or Helios.

New Weapons


Tredegar 1: The NTF's Subach, with a twist. Derived from the Avenger and a bit of special tech (you can see the resemblance) it has fairly low damage but balances it with high speed. Again, it only does 75% damage to shields, but it does 150% damage to hulls.

Prometheus Advanced 1: The NTF's equivalent of the Kayser. I'll put technobabble up later.

Katyusha 1: Dumbfire missiles have always been a staple of combat, but are usually left behind when aspect-seeking warheads are avaliable.The Katyusha is changing that, as its powerful warhead knocks out freighters and cruisers quickly and cheaply.  Very cheap to make and quite useful. You can fit 40 in the Medusa's top bank.

Fireball: A light bomb. 5 can fit in the Athena's second back. Mostly used by the Athena and is effective against cruisers and corvettes. Fast lock time and speed. A variant of the Tsunami bomb, the Fireball light bomb is faster and smaller for use against cruisers and freighters. It doesn't carry as heavy a payload, however.

Vulcan: The heaviest bomb developed, it can only be carried by the NTB Jotun. All other information is classified at your level.