In 2366, Admiral Aken Bosch, commander of the GTVA 6th Fleet, launched a violent military coup in the Polaris system. Within weeks, a regional domino effect also toppled the governments of Regulus and Sirius, all swearing allegiance to Bosch and his Neo-Terran Front. Bosch's vision of Neo-Terra informs the ideology of his movement. Though Terrans have lived in exile from Earth since the end of the Great War, Bosch imagined a utopia that would restore the grandeur of the lost world. As the people of Earth once relied on Polaris to help them navigate the seas, the North Star would become the spiritual and political compass for Terrans of the new era. Bosch's message had a profound impact on the so-called Lost Generation, born during the post-war Reconstruction. The Neo-Terran Front provided the youth of Polaris, Regulus, and Sirius with a cause to fight and die for. Bosch succeeded because his pro-Terran ideology was explicitly anti-Vasudan. The NTF opposed any Terran-Vasudan alliance and called for the dissolution of the GTVA. The NTF core systems had suffered political and economic chaos throughout the post-war Reconstruction. The Vasudans' miraculous recovery under Khonsu II's leadership embittered those Terrans still struggling to rebuild their own systems. Bosch exploited this anti-Vasudan sentiment to achieve his own political ends.

31-8-03 Checking In

Wow. It's been ages, and there have been some major changes to NTV, almost entirely prompted by the loss of our leader Alikchi to Real Life issues. I took over as project leader, but unfortunately, I don't have as much time as I should do to my own RL commitments and work on other projects. For now, what's important is that NTV does live on, if in a slightly less ambitious state, and that I will be making updates from now on.

- Black Wolf

3-5-02 So, what's going on?

We've been AWOL for a while - mostly due to myself, Alikchi, having problems in Real LifeŠ. Bear in mind that this is a temporary condition, and Black Wolf

has displayed exceptional loyalty by continuing to work in my absence. We ARE coming back, and soon. In the meantime, play the demo if you haven't already! 

12-19-02 NTV: Emergence

Yes, it's the demo! 7 and a half megabytes of compressed fun!

6 high-quality missions set at the beginning of the NTF rebellion! Fun for the whole family! Kill Vasudans! 

Well, what are you waiting for? Get it at the downloads page! Clicky-clicky!

12-4-02 Huzzah

Wow - I beat my own deadline. The demo is days from completion. Only a few minor things left, then we get to playtesting, and then you get a nice christmas present. Yes!

11-9-02 Whee

Things are happening again. No, really! We have a nice demo for you in the works. It's all planned out and everything. It's five missions, we have 3 or 4 in varying stages of completion..we hope to have it out to you within a few months (I know, I know). It'll be worth it.

10-5-02 >_<

I've been doing some things for some other people. Note that these are very important things and if you knew what they were you'd understand. So hush about the no updates in two months thing, loyal readers! I'll make it up to you, I promise! Ish.

8-5-02 Blah

Still in that stall. School starts soon. Low on inspiration, low on Sprite. Doing  missions for other projects. NTF store closing as soon as I get my hat. Thaaat's all.

7-20-02 Oh yeah, this too

We're kind of in a stall right now, but I opened a shop on Cafepress. Click here to buy Official Vasudan Hater Merchandise! Get your own NTF baseball cap!

7-20-02 Some other stuff

Pretty much nothing has happened since the 15th except for one thing - Stealth has joined the team. I'll be forcing him to do things like general table editing, flash, java, and maybe a little mission testing also. Whatever I want him to do. Bwahaha. Anyways, that's about it.

7-15-02 Mission progress, and stuff

A few more things happening along with the stuff below. Black Wolf (Gaah! He's a workaholic) has created Neo-Terra (or Polaris Prime) and its moon for us in Lunarcell, and they look pretty good in game. I've completed two missions (yes, completed! I never complete missions!) and we're beginning to see a general overview of the campaign coming out. Also, I've posted a pic in the Updates thread of the Iceni's dock at Freedom Shipyards. It's kind of crappy, but what the heck. Let it be known that we're still going at it :)

7-10-02 Quick update

Black Wolf's made an NTF logo (see the thread) and miniaturized it - turning it into a squad logo. It's much better than the old NTF squad logo, in my opinion.

Get it from the downloads page. Clicky-clicky. 

7-9-02 Still still not dead

Well, everyone's still working. I'm running around conning people like Thorn to do mainhalls for us, Black Wolf's doing EVERYTHING (that is, testing missions, making NTF logos, remapping the Augeas and probably something else too), and Adwight is pumping out missions. That's about it, so you can go back to doing whatever your doing. Or hey, check out the rest of the site whatever.

I'll give you a buck if you check out the rest of the site..please?

6-18-02 Still not dead

Heh..things are going along nicely. Not a whole lot has been accomplished since the last update (:P) but enough to keep us busy. We're working on the story in the internal, deciding things such as the fate of the Colossus and Bosch's motives..but anyways. Woomeister scrapped the Augeas from Inferno at the last minute and handed over the ship to me and Black Wolf. I've done bits and peices of the POF data (I'm still learning) and BW is doing interface art and a cool reskin for us :). If its done, we might put the ship up for download. If we feel like it. Which we might not.

So, yeah.

6-7-02 Another "new" section

I've revamped the "Information" section and replaced it with "Features". Now I'm going to go take some more screenshots. Expect work on the "resources" section soon, too. :)

6-6-02, 2:51 A.M New section

I've gotten a screenshots section up, along with a few hurriedly snapped screenshots of a mission I made a few hours ago. I also fixed the forum link. Hope you like it!

6-6-02 Notes

We've settled in at HLP, and things are progressing smoothly. We've got more than a dozen missions in varying stages of completion. I've posted an Updates "sticky" thread on the HLP forums. Here you'll find all the stuff I'm too lazy to put on the site. I'm working on a screenshots section now, also. More coming :)

5-21-02 Shock!

Now we're hosted at HLP! This means that we have unlimited space to host our files (not possible under Angelfire) so the campaign will now resume after a bit of a rest. Expect updates (screenshots, and some other stuff ) and fixed links (I know a lot of them are broken, give it time). Also, we expect our forum to be moved to HLP. And for all the people who've seen this page for the first time (that's everyone except for..5 people, by the way) welcome! Expect stuff.

3-27-02 Update

We've just passed 100 hits on the Staff board. Progress is being made and the tables are being finalized.

3-21-02 First page upload

Welcome to the homepage of Neo-Terra Victorious. This mod/campaign for Freespace 2 focuses on Bosch's rebellion, casting you as an NTF pilot at the start of the conflict. Like the project, this page is under construction, so please be patient. Follow the links and stop by at the NTV Forum for the latest updates and ask any questions you have there.